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Learn the building blocks of government relations to help construct your own networks with our country’s decision makers.

What you'll learn

  • What makes government relations in Aotearoa New Zealand tick

  • The difference between the legislature, the executive and officials - both perceived and practical

  • The intricacies of engaging across political and apolitical kaimahi

  • How to transform your organisational understanding of lobbying and build a detailed understanding of the political engagement ecosystem

  • How to share your kaupapa in away that encourages bi-partisan support, that Members of Parliament want to advocate for

  • A beginners guide to government relations strategy, and template that can be used organisation wide

  • How to develop your own government relations strategy

Course description

LOBBYLITE is an in-person, introductory workshop that allows your team to come together to learn, review and strategise how they can begin working in this space. 


Over four hours, our experts will teach the fundamentals of government relations: how it works, how to bring government relations into your day-to-day roles and using it to reach your long term goals. 


This course is developed for those who want to build in-house capability and take their stakeholder engagement to a new level. It can also be used as professional development for boards and governance teams looking for a strategy reset. To top it all off, you’ll leave with your very own personalised startup strategy ready for implementation.

What participants say

"Before the session, our company was lost. We weren't able to recognise when our government relations were going good or going bad, let alone understand the reasons behind the outcomes. Thanks to Holly and the LOBBYLITE course, we now have much more clarity around our mistakes and how we can turn our failures into successes moving forward. It personally opened my eyes to how simple government relations can be with the right advice and resources, and strongly recommend the course to anyone who wants to engage with the government in an effective way."

Start your government relations journey

Enrol in the LOBBYLITE course now and take your first step towards government relations success!

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