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Take your government relations skills to the next level with DEEP DIVE®.

What you'll learn

  • Develop a better understanding of what government relations looks like in Aotearoa New Zealand, who does it, and how the sector is changing

  • Discover the benefits of good government relations – for both you and the politician

  • Transform your organisational understanding of lobbying while learning how to keep your organisation safe, including when engaging with political and apolitical (not political) staff

  • Learn how to share your kaupapa in away that encourages bi-partisan support

  • Develop an issue-specific, beginners government relations strategy

  • Improve understanding of the political engagement ecosystem

  • Gain insights from real world experiences from new generation, leading lobbyists

  • Develop greater organisational awareness around the need for proactive - rather than reactive - considered messaging

  • Learn how communications strategies (both positive and negative) can have considerable, indirect impact on your direct lobbying efforts

  • Obtain actionable steps for long term change in organisational strategy

Course description

Learning the difference between Government, Parliament and the Executive can be confusing, but our DEEP DIVE® will have you navigating the political ecosystem as if you were born to do it!

You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of government engagement and how to make this seemingly complex field overwhelmingly simple. Our expert facilitators will also teach you how to navigate this field and discover hidden opportunities.

This course is perfect for larger New Zealand-based organisations with communications or marketing teams that are looking to build their in-house capability, or governors seeking to run a ruler over their long term political engagement strategy. You and your colleagues will leave our course with the right toolkit to turn your new knowledge into valuable actions.

What participants say

"It's safe to say that prior to our DEEP DIVE session with Holly we were well and truly walking in the dark when it came to Government relations. Holly quickly brought us up to speed on things, including the basics of the people in a Ministers office, how to approach interactions interactions with them, interpreting policy and had us well prepared for our future interactions. The course went by in a flash in no small part to the passion and enthusiasm Holly delivered it with - she knows her stuff: she lives and breathes it!"

Start your government relations journey

Enrol in the DEEP DIVE course now and take your first step towards government relations success!

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