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Never before has the need to hear public opinion been more sought after, so learn how to talk to politicians so they take notice! If you have always wanted to lift the lid on government relations but not sure where to start, our LOBBYMAX® programme is for you.


Designed for business leaders across the entire economy: privately held or publicly listed companies, local and regional council leaders, senior government officials looking to switch to the private sector and innovators gunning to launch the country’s next big thing.

Over eight weeks you will receive in-depth coaching with one of Engage’s approved facilitators. Working with you one-on-one from a set programme, you will build up your current knowledge of public sector, power-up your engagement tool-kit (or establish it from scratch!), and be taught the tricks of the trade used by consultants nation-wide to illicit maximum impact.


With our LOBBYMAX® programme you will gain:


  • one-on-one coaching with one of New Zealand’s leading government relations facilitators

  • an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of government relations

  • how you can best tell your story to our Members of Parliament

  • personalised templates for pitching

  • knowledge around the right people to approach and the processes for how best to do so

  • a confidential sounding board

What participants said

"As an outsider - and a female - elbowing into Wellington’s government relations scene has been a challenge. But Holly changed that for me. Not only did Holly give me tools, hone my skills and unlock ideas - but most importantly she gave me confidence. Holly is more than a skilled expert and tutor, she has become a trusted friend. I highly recommend LOBBYMAX for whomever wants a serious understanding of how to play the game. I am already on the lookout for my next course with Holly… it is a worthwhile investment."

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